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    Does the thought of using psychological principles to make life easier and more efficient appeal to you? Do you enjoy the field of psychology, but know that clinical or neuroscience routes are not for you? If so, the field of Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology may be the right choice for you!

    Several universities around the country offer integrated program in Psychology, designed to prepare the student for a career in Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology. Some schools also offer specialized programs in the related fields of Human Factors Psychology and Ergonomics. While these programs vary in nature, most give students an opportunity to learn through both course work and hands-on experiences, such as internships and practical research participation.

    The typical program in applied experimental and engineering psychology places strong emphasis on research methodology, experimental design, statistics, computer skills, verbal skills, and human performance functions (e.g., sensory processes, decision-making, perception, attention, learning, memory, motor skills). Many of the programs also offer courses in engineering and design techniques.

    For a comprehensive list of graduate programs and courses, see the publication Graduate Study in Psychology, 2018 Edition available from the American Psychological Association or your university library.

    For a helpful list of frequently asked questions on graduate education in psychology, please visit the APA Graduate School FAQ.

    Applied Experimental, Engineering Psychology and Related Programs

    Arizona State University

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Clemson University

    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

    George Mason University

    Georgia Tech

    Old Dominion University

    Oregon State University

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Rochester Institute of Technology

    Texas Tech University

    Tufts University

    University of Central Florida

    University of Dayton

    University of Maryland-Baltimore County

    University of Oklahoma

    Last updated: September 2020Date created: August 2012