Scientific Review Paper Draft

The AP-LS Executive Committee appointed a writing committee to draft an updated version of the AP-LS scientific review paper on eyewitness identification procedures. The first AP-LS scientific review paper on eyewitness identification procedures was published in 1998, which made four recommendations. This new initial draft currently has nine recommendations.

The latest version of the APLS Scientific Review Paper on the Policy and Procedure Recommendations for the Collection and Preservation of Eyewitness Identification Evidence (PDF, 1.7MB) has been published as an open access article in Law and Human Behavior.

Welcome From Our President

Allison Redlich Welcome to the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS), Div. 41 of the American Psychological Association. Our mission “is to enhance well-being, justice, and human rights through the science and practice of psychology in legal contexts.” We fulfill this mission through a variety of means (list of 23 specific strategies), including research, education and teaching, and our annual conference.

Research—check out our Research Topics and Lab page where you can link to resources on a ton of psycho-legal issues. You can also link to our division’s journal, Law and Human Behavior, which publishes the latest and greatest psychology and law research. If you delve into the journal, you can find AP-LS’s two scientific review consensus papers there, including the 2020 best practices in eyewitness evidence collection and preservation, and another on police interrogations and confessions. In addition to our journal, we publish a monthly e-newsletter you won’t want to miss, as well as a sponsored book series.