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    Div. 43's Couple and Family Psychology blog is a forum where division members share their views on contemporary issues relevant to couple and family psychology (CFP).

    We encourage division members to submit short articles (750-1000 words) with key information about relational health and societal issues that have an impact on couples and families.

    Submissions should reflect current attention in the areas of CFP practice, education, science and public interest/diversity. We also encourage contributions from Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) and submissions of research summaries that highlight important recent findings in couple and family psychology. We do not accept articles that are promotional in nature.

    Submit your article for an opportunity to publish on our division blog and increase the visibility of your research and practice. Each submission is peer-reviewed and recommendations for revisions are provided. Accepted articles are published four times a year and advertised on the division Listserv, Twitter and Facebook page.

    The deadline for submissions are: Jan. 15, March 15, June 15 and Sept. 15.

    For more information or to submit articles, contact Katherine Fackina. For examples of articles and subjects featured, please review the blog.?

    Date created: March 2020